Our Travels
Traveling the United States

Our ventures started July 2012. Steve retired earlier that year. We bought a fifth wheel trailer and a truck to pull it. In the beginning of July we started to travel. The first trip we made was across country to New York, Buffalo and Long Island. We took our time getting used to traveling with a fifth wheel. After about 2 weeks we arrived to visit family.

We took our time traveling home.  After forty years we spent part of a summer away from the summer heat in Arizona. It was an enjoyable change.

In 2013 we left before the heat started. Our plan is to see some of the National Parks in the surrounding states. And this we are now doing. We are traveling with our Chihuahua named Rascal (Raz for short) now a year old.

So enjoy the many pictures we took along the way. Be sure to check back as we will be adding more.