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The Salerno Family

Roberto Arturo (Robert Arthur) Salerno

John (Giovanni) Salerno

Robert Arthur Salerno Sr.

The following pages focuses on the Salerno Family History. This is  a work in progress. Some pages may still need to be formatted.

Information has been gathered from family members and what they remembered documents they shared and pictures they shared. The pictures have been scanned and edited by Judy Salerno. The pictures have been cleaned up from the original scan and formatted to add emphasis to the information.  

Information has been gathered from web sites such as ancestry.com. The copied information gathered  has not been edited or corrected, so you may find spelling mistakes or the name of someone referenced incorrectly. Images of scanned documents have been possibly cropped, and or cleaned up to make it easier to view the information.

If you would like to add you own stories, pictures or documents to The Salerno Family collection or to the Cummings Family collection (which has been started but not ready to share), Please Contact me with your information, pictures, or ? Everyone’s input is welcome.



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